"Fickle and footloose, we like to play around with our looks and hunt for the latest trends."

Women have been called a great many things, but rarely are we seen as decisive, committed and firm, especially when it comes to men, fashion, make-up and yes, even hair! Fickle and footloose, we like to play around with our looks and hunt for the latest trends, and while this is easy enough to do with clothes and make-up, it's harder to change one's hairstyle on a daily, or even seasonal, basis. Waiting is the operative word. We have to wait for it to grow, wait in line at salons, wait for it to dry...it's all waiting, with frustrating results at times. How do Hollywood A-listers do it? Kate’s graceful waves, Taylor’s laid-back bob, Kim’s hot curls, Kendall’ s smooth silky locks, Heidi’s mod bangs, Olivia’s perfectly undone ponytail... Through hours and thousands spent at a salon under a stylist's and colorist's expert hands, that's how. But what's a normal girl with a normal budget to do? Head over to get a Tokyo POSH clip-on hair extension, that's what!

These extensions come in a dizzying array of styles: there's wavy, straight, permed, short, long, shoulder length, short pony, long pony, big curls, small curls, straight bangs, wispy bangs, you name it and they got it. Denise Aquino, the fashion-forward owner of Tokyo P.O.S.H, makes sure the styles, colors and highlights of the extensions are suited to Asian complexions.

Unlike most extensions, these do not involve weaving, sewing, braiding or gluing. They're simply clipped on, given a toss and a shake or some finger-combing, and they're all set! Made with high quality fiber from Japan, these extensions look and feel natural. Unlike full wigs, which can be fussy to put on,feel quite hot and look "fake", clip-on extensions are worked into your real hair in a manner so clever no one will ever guess they're not genuinely yours! They're lightweight and as long as you put them correctly, they will last you the whole day and night! Yes, even with all the dancing, jumping, bumping, and grinding the hair will stay put.


"It's fashion without the commitment or the hassle."

Lest you think these are only for fashionistas or confident, flirty women who love to party and be seen, think again. They are so easy to put on and maintain even students can wear a different hairstyle to school everyday, possibly to match their moods. Office gals can opt to look like serious career women or fun, stylish executives by sparing only a few minutes each morning choosing and clipping on their extension. Moms can surprise their husbands and kids and look styled, despite being harassed and always on the go.

Women who are easily bored with their hairstyles, those who are impatient for hair to grow, lazy ones who can't be bothered to maintain, but want, long hair, those who are insecure or have bad-hair days, budget-conscious gals who are afraid to cut their hair, those who love change, or are afraid o change ---  this product is for you. It's fashion without the commitment or the hassle. You can buy as many styles as you wish, after being taught ONCE how to clip it on, you can go home and do it yourself! It's truly a every woman’s dream -- you don't even have to think twice about.

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