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Clip-On Extensions

What is the difference between clipons and hairtalk?

Our clip-on extensions are made from high quality synthetic Japanese fiber, while Hairtalk is made from 100% human hair. The clip-ons come in various lengths and styles and are meant to be removed after every use, making them perfect for instant glam-ups. Meanwhile, Hairtalk can last up to a year on your hair depending on how you treat it, and it comes in two variants – beach waves and natural straight, both can be styled in any way you want!

How do clip-ons work?

Our clip-ons are meant to be removed after every use. We don’t recommend that you swim or take a bath with your clip-ons since the clips might rust with constant contact with water. However, you can wash it with shampoo and water, brush it with any wide-toothed comb, and store it in a cool and dry place after every use – but not as often as you wash your real hair though! If you plan to use them for a long time, it’s best to have a couple of pieces to use alternately or consider getting Hairtalk, our the semi-permanent extensions. Clip-ons are best used on special occasions or once in a while when you want a quick change of style!

How different is your clip-ons from other extensions?

Clip-ons already come in different styles inspired by iconic looks of celebrities and TV personalities, making your dream hair happen in a snap! Since clip-ons are very easy to use and come in just one piece, it is effortless to attach and can be used by anyone. These extensions are made of Japanese synthetic fiber—the highest quality of synthetic fiber—that makes it look and feel natural when you see it and when you run it through your fingers.

What is the process on how to wear clip-ons?

To make sure your natural hair blends with your hair extensions, you have to prepare it in advance. Our clip-on extensions are made of Japanese fiber that’s previously been styled already, so all you have to do is clip, clip, clip and go! We will also provide simple instructions on how to attach them on your hair before purchasing online or after purchasing in-store, or check out our “Tutorials” tab to learn more!

Can I iron/curl my clip-ons?

Since our clip-ons already come in different cuts and styles, you don’t need to style them anymore. Although most of our clip-on extensions may be heat-resistant, we don’t suggest altering the style though because it would be very hard to bring back the original style.

My clip-ons are wearing off, losing its shape, and getting tangled. Can I bring it to your store for repair/cleaning?

We charge a minimal fee for cleaning. You may bring your extensions to any of our stores, but we recommend that you clean them at home to avoid additional fees! You may get in touch with any of our stylists for the cleaning instructions.

Hairtalk Extensions

What is Hairtalk?

Hairtalk is the global pioneer in adhesive tape extensions—the first of its kind that has a European patent and a global patent-pending license. This is our choice of semi-permanent human hair extensions in Tokyo Posh! It lasts for 6-8 weeks on your real hair and can be reattached when you visit our stores or anywhere in the world because we follow the same system of attaching these extensions worldwide. Check out our “Hairtalk” tab to know more info!

What is the difference of Natural Straight and Beach Waves for Hairtalk?

The best part about Hairtalk is that they appear like real hair! Natural Straight has volume and body, although it does not show as straight to the point of looking flat. Meanwhile, Beach Waves appear as natural curls than styled waves.

How does Hairtalk work?

Hairtalk extensions come in packs of 40 strips or 20 sandwiched pieces that are attached to your hair using patented adhesive tapes from Germany. Usually, 40 strips are enough to lengthen your hair for up to 3-5 inches depending on how thick or thin your natural hair is. There are special cases when the length of the client’s hair is too short where we put more than one pack of Hairtalk extensions. You can even wash them while you take a bath! We do recommend using the full line of Hairtalk hair care products to maximize the use of your extensions and to make sure they look their best. We also suggest using an intensive conditioner on a daily basis as the extensions may have a tendency to dry out. And, a special tip: make sure to follow the Hairtalk hair care instructions (ex. not using products that contain alcohol) to avoid damaging the adhesive tapes. Check out our “Hairtalk” tab to know more info!

What is the process on how to wear Hairtalk?

The attachment process lasts up to an hour and a half at most. The extensions can last up to a year if treated well, but we recommend that you visit us for reattachments every 6-8 weeks since our hair grows naturally. Check out our “Hairtalk tab” for more info!

How much is reattachment?

Our reattachment services start at around 3,350.

Can I color my Hairtalk extensions?

Yes! You may color your Hairtalk extensions to match your original hair color. We also offer coloring services for you and your Hairtalk extensions, but remember that constant coloring might make your extensions dry.

Can I undergo other procedures/treatments with it (cut, rebond, perm, hot oil, etc.)?

We offer cutting services for you and your hair extensions to make your overall look more seamless, although we don’t recommend that you undergo any other chemical treatment as it may permanently damage your hair extensions. Conditioning treatments are recommended, though!

Do you offer other services/products aside from extensions? (e.g. cutting, coloring, blow dry, etc.)

We specialize in hair extensions, but we offer other services too. We can cut, color, and treat your hair to make your extensions looks more seamless with the extensions. We also offer these services even without purchases of hair extensions!


Do you have a store outside Metro Manila?

We currently don’t have a store outside Metro Manila, but make sure to follow our social media accounts for further announcements on new branches!

How much is your shipping fee?

We follow standard shipping rates depending on the courier. Kindly go to our “Contact Us” tab so that we can assist you better.

Returns and Exchanges

Do you offer returns or exchanges?

Tokyo Posh does not accept returns and exchanges; this is explicitly written in the receipt. Tokyo Posh products are considered personal goods because once it has been used or tried on, it is no longer hygienic for other clients to use. Refunds are also not allowed because the process is susceptible to fraud by employees and customers. Click here to read more.

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