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  1. From the ends of your eyebrow, make a straight line towards the back with your finger
  2. Separate and section this hair and put your hair up with a clamp
  3. Open all the clips on your extensions
  4. Start clipping the center clip to secure the extension on your hair
  5. Stretch the extensions towards the front and comfortably clip the two clips on the sides.
  6. The 4th and 5th clip are safety clips , you can just clip it where it falls naturally
  1. Hair luxe extensions come in 5-7 piece sets.
  2. Lay out your extensions, or “wefts,” separately on a flat surface
  3. Part your hair wherever you would normally
  4. Use a hair clip to section your hair depending on the number of wefts you have. Take note to section your hair on the sides as well.
  5. Select the hair piece that will best fit your sections before clipping them on
  6. Repeat for all sections and blend to style your hair as you would naturally
  1. Tease a 1-inch section of your middle bangs as these will be used to hide the gap of the extensions
  2. Attach the half wig on top of your hair, leaving the teased 1 inch part of your bangs and stretch it to the back to cover your whole head
  3. Use the teased part to hide the gap between the extensions and your natural hair. Or, you can use a cute hair accessory like a headband or a bandana for this.


    1. Tie your real hair up in a bun
    2. Wrap the clip-on around your hair bun and tighten the strap
    3. Secure the end of the strap by tucking it in your bun with a pin.


    1. Tie your real hair loosely up in a bun
    2. Wrap the easy twist around your hair bun and blend with your messy bun


    1. Tie your hair up in a ponytail
    2. Attach the comb of the wrap around ponytail parallel to you hair tie
    3. Wrap around the extension around your ponytail and secure the ends with a hair pin
  1. Put your extensions 1-2 inches from your hairline, comfortable enough to be secured
  2. Starting on one side, use a tail comb to put the top half of your hair over the string of the hair extensions
  3. Continue doing this all around your hair before fixing it to blend with your real hair


Salon professionals worldwide are choosing the exclusive ultra-thin adhesive extension system by hairtalk. The superior quality Remy human hair coupled with hairtalk’s selection of non-damaging, hypoallergenic adhesive bands result in discreet and comfortable hair extensions that blend flawlessly and invisibly with natural hair. Achieve volume, length, and color effects in minutes without the harmful effects of tools, heat or chemicals. The lengthy days of extension application and hair damaging removal sessions are a thing of the past.

Removing and reusing hairtalk extensions is quick and simple. We recommend creating a system to maintain the placement of the extensions on the head. Keeping extensions in the same placement will save time on reapplication and will reduce the need to trim after application.


To remove the extensions:

1. Spray hairtalk solvent on the hair above the adhesive tapes
2. Let the solvent seep down into the bands and let it set for 5 sec.
3. Remove the upper band
4. Remove the lower band

Proceed systematically row by row. Allow extensions to dry completely before applying new adhesive bands (approximately 10 to 15 minutes). Once hair is completely dry, place the new adhesive on the bands, matching up the round corners, adhesive to adhesive.

Use the same application process for reapplication of hairtalk:

1. Clarify guest’s hair
2. Dry completely
3. Straighten and section
4. Apply

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