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How to wash your Tokyo Posh Clip-on extensions?

Tokyo Posh clip-on extensions are very easy to care for, in fact with the proper love and care, it can last you months or even years! Tokyo Posh clip-on extensions are made of synthetic fiber however so every wash shortens the life of the extensions. If you plan to use your clip-ons everyday, we recommend that you have a couple of pieces to swap from day to day. Clip-on extensions can be likened to your shoes or bag wherein if you only have one pair, and tend to use it everyday, it will get damaged easily too.

Your clip-ons do not need to be washed every after use, you’ll only know that its time to wash when it starts to feel dry, sticky or already smells like your perfume or smoke from your last night out. Always remember that it becomes dry and sticky when it’s already dirty and that signals the time to wash.

We offer washing and cleaning your hair extensions at Tokyo Posh, but to be honest, it’s very easy, you can do it at home and its faster for you to use it again (it takes 5-7 days for Tokyo Posh to do the washing for you)

1. Before washing, remove the tangles with your fingers or a wide tooth comb

2. Fill a small basin with cool water, mix a little bit of mild shampoo, then soak the hairpiece in for around 5-10 minutes.

3. Swirl around the basin to remove the dirt. (please do not rub)

4. Rinse with clean water in the same basin

5. Soak in mild conditioner for at least 15 minutes and work through the strands with your fingers

6. Drain and spread on towel to dry (do not use a dryer, let it hang dry naturally)

7. When completely dry, comb gently with a wide tooth comb from the bottom going up.

8. After combing, shake it a bit to bring back the curls/ style.

It’s very easy to wash the clip-on hair extensions and don’t worry about the shape and style because remember it’s made of synthetic fiber and right after a little shake, its ready to use again!

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